With great moves come great financial burden… Or something to that effect, right? Anyway, there are a bunch of things I still need to buy before moving! I’ve included the big-ticket items here, as well as some minor (but definitely not negligible!) items.

(And because I hate spending money, I’ve conveniently organized this list into how much buying each item will make me cry.)


  • Plane ticket to Hawaii
  • Plane ticket to Japan
  • New computer


  • Skullcandy Knockout headphones
  • Camera
  • Watch


  • New undergarments (5 bras and 7 panties)
  • White shirts (2 casual)
  • Foldable flats–for indoor shoes
  • Money belt (they sell these on eBay for less than $2)
  • 2-pronged extension cord
  • Tripod
  • UD’s All Nighter Setting spray (those humid Japan summers)

What do you think?