Things Are Finally Coming Together

If you had asked me a week ago about how I felt about my move to Japan, I probably wouldn’t have responded. I have been so stressed out lately about everything… Cleaning and moving out of my apartment, driving cross country with my cat, saving enough money for a plane ticket and start-up costs in Japan, WHEN I would even be going to Japan, etc. I was about ready to give up before I even started.

Then, at the beginning of the week, things started to change. On Monday, the IRS finally (after 5 months) processed my federal tax return. All my money worries were for nothing. I had been scrounging to gather the 5k for living costs (and some extra for flights, etc). I had barely gotten enough money this month. And on top of that, I’m getting my tax return, which means I have like an extra 5k now! Plus I have half a paycheck I’ll be getting next week, as well as the refund I’ll be getting from my prorated rent. In just a few days, all my money woes completely disappeared.

And now that we’ve really started moving and packing and cleaning, the apartment looks a lot more manageable. I was worried about how we would fit all of our stuff in a 4 door sedan, but after we organized everything and purged, it looks a lot more manageable. Plus we had our pre-walkthrough (we won’t be here for the move out inspection) and the lady said everything looked good, so I’m pretty thrilled about that too. I hope I can get my deposit back!

But the biggest piece of news came yesterday. I finally found my placement (and a tentative arrival date)!! I was starting to get worried, especially because I keep watching the plane fares go up… But now that I know, I think I’ll book on 7/13, or once we arrive in New Mexico. (We’re shooting for making the trip from DC to NM in 2 days… Wish us luck!) But anyway, I’ll be in Nishinomiya on approximately August 16. I’ll make a whole post about the city and the details of my position once I get everything finalized.

Today is my last day at my job. I’m thrilled to be leaving (did not enjoy my job) but at the same time, I know I probably won’t find a gig as good as this… (I get paid good money to be on call/work from home/not really do anything for 8 hours a day.) I’m also going to miss the friends I made both at my job as well as in Virginia… But I’m excited to see what’s ahead for me!

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