The Best Kind of Bad News

I thought I had made my decision regarding how I was getting to Japan… But then I checked my email last night and saw an email from JET… I had been short-listed.

I thought I had (mentally) prepared myself for this decision. I made a bunch of pros and cons lists for both programs (I’ll probably make a post about this later, for those of you in a similar situation!) and Interac turned out to be a better fit for me… However, due to some recent events (primarily issues financially), I may not be able to afford going to Japan with Interac. I could probably scrape by currently with JET, but there’s no way that I could pay the flight to get to Japan as is. I know I have about 3 more months to save as much as I can, but based on my paychecks and current budget, it’s really not possible. 🙁

I think I may still continue on the application track for both programs and see if I can get my tax refund to help me out (though there were delays/holds and I’m anticipating getting this in October now). But if not, I may defer Interac for a year and take JET instead for now… Ugh, I really don’t know what to do! Does anyone have any input? :/

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  1. Hi there! Interact has a process where you can apply for a loan of up to 250 000 yen, which is then paid back automatically through your pay over, I believe, 6 months! Hope that helps!

  2. I had a similar dilemma as well! I applied to ECC as a backup job to JET and have gotten everything sorted out with them to go to Japan in September of this year… but I got shortlisted, too! I won’t even hear about placement info from ECC until June, so I’m holding off on sending out a declination email until I get my placement from JET in May (on that 1% off-chance that I’m one of those people they can’t place lol)

    But I totally know how you feel…. in the end, I decided that JET is financially, definitely the best option. I liked that with ECC you get a big guaranteed chunk of vacation time and you guaranteed get to teach your own classes, but the flight is a HUGE financial setback. Also, it’s very ESID but a good amount of COs will provide subsidies for your apartments and misc bills…. and you really can’t get a better support backbone than the JET community. It’s huge…

    Looks like you ended up going with JET in the end right?

    1. Thank you so much for your experiences regarding what I’m going through now. Im glad to see that others in similar situations had a tough choice to make too… 🙁

      So you just recently made your choice, right? (You’re not currently abroad in Japan?)
      I still haven’t made my decision yet… I’m leaning more towards JET for the exact reasons you mentioned! But placement is #1 for me so I definitely feel like I’m being selfish with the whole process 🙁

      1. Oh no no I’m going this year in July. Before getting the email, I was still sort of still weighing the pros/cons, but when I got the shortlist email, I just knew lol. Just thinking towards the future, JET is gonna look better on your resume than a private dispatch/eikaiwa any day. Also, you really can’t beat the perks. Even at the ECC interview, they kept touting that they’ve been rated ‘second best to JET’ on perks.

        If placement is huge for you, I hear Interac doesn’t always cater to your placements either – however, I guess you can reject a placement a few times to hold out of one you really want? I know what you mean with wanting a big city though – the reason ECC appealed to me is because your guaranteed placement in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, or Nagoya… changed my tune, again, because JET offers a much better package and more security compared to anything else out there.

      2. Yeah, I totally know what you’re saying… JET is the holy grail of Japan teaching positions! The perks are definitely tempting. Are you planning on staying for a long time? That’s another big thing for me… I want to stay for as long as I can, and I know JET has restrictions for length of stay. (My friend is currently a JET and said her BOE only allows 3 years!)
        I have a pros-cons outline in my mind for each program, but neither comes out as a clear winner… Each has its advantages and disadvantages… I should weigh each category or something lol. Thank you for helping me really think about my choices, though! Prior to your comments, I kept pushing the idea of choosing out of my mind. It’s good to think about these things :/

      3. I’m kinda taking it a step at a time… for all I know I could go and find out that living in Japan just isn’t for me since I’ve never been before. I know you can recontract for up to 5 years on JET and unless I fall head over heels, that’d probably be enough for me lol. I think for some BOEs they have limits because they like to get new ALTs in? But I’ve heard if that happens, you can try to get transferred. I know someone who transferred BOEs like 3 different times!

        And if you do end up going with JET, you could always apply for Interac or another company while your getting ready to end your contract. Vice versa really, too, if you did JET and ended up not liking it.

        Good luck, no matter which decision you make, I’m sure you’ll have a blast and things will work out the way they need to. 🙂

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