Pre-Departure Preparations

Obviously, this list is tailored specifically to me so there are probably a bunch of things on here that don’t apply to you! However, there are a bunch of general things here too so feel free to use this as a general guide when preparing for your big move!

*Please note that I’m also using this as a personal list, so some (hopefully most) things will be crossed out… That just means I’ve completed it, not that I’ve deemed it unnecessary.

Getting to Japan:

  • Complete COE
  • Get visa from the embassy
  • Passport photos
  • Book flight
  • Get my International Drivers Permit

While I’m Here:

  • Inform bank/credit card companies I’ll be out of the country
  • Save up $5,000
  • Exchange USD for yen (500,000 yen is a lot of yen :()
  • Apply for yakkan shoumei
  • Load up on medications/hygiene products
  • Scan all documents/cards and load on iPad
  • Eye doctor appointment (new glasses/contacts)

Misc (or, Probably-doesn’t-apply-to-you)

  • Buy a new computer
  • Sell as much as I can for $$$
  • Ship boxes to Hawaii/New Mexico

What do you think?