Passing the Time

I’ve been finding that, lately, I feel like I’m living in a state of limbo. I have a life right now and I have responsibilities, but after I got the job offer for Japan, none of that seemed important anymore. August seems so far away, but if you really think about it, it’s no time at all. I have so much to do and prepare before leaving but I can’t find the motivation to do any of it.

Interac doesn’t provide the stuff for getting your COE until May, while JET is already requiring a few documents. I have some personal stuff to take care of also, but all I feel like doing is sitting around and complaining online. I feel like having definitive dates would help, but I only have *tentative* dates right now. Tentatively leaving my job on July 7 (though I may stay a bit longer since I’m leaving right before a huge release), tentatively going home July 19th (though I don’t even know which airport I’ll be flying out of)… Tentatively leaving for Japan on August 1 (c’mon Interac, just tell me already!) It’s a mess all around, but I know that come June or so, I’ll be frantically rushing around trying to do everything and prepare for my cross country roadtrip and overseas move.

My lists aren’t working! I guess what prompted all of these anxieties was doing some spring cleaning yesterday. My SO got rid of a bunch of stuff, but I’m still holding on to a lot of stuff. How am I going to get that all back home? I’m planning to sell some of it, but I’m not really sure how much exactly. I already purged my makeup collection (that was so painful) and I’m trying to use up the products that only have a little bit left. I’m going to pack up my winter coats soon and ship those back home. Then I’ll send another box with the winter coats I plan on sending up to Japan and have my mom send me those once I find out my placement. (Hopefully I’m not going to be too far South..)

Well I’m just rambling now, trying to take my mind off of work. I’ll go list some stuff on freecycle and eBay and try to alleviate some of this anxiety. Ugh.

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  1. Totally in the same boat as you! I don’t know how to fill my time waiting for my placement status. The wait between February and April was torturous but now I’m waiting only like a month to hear about placement and I’m already going crazy! Where did you ask for with Interac?

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone haha. I mean, I *know* there’s a lot to do, but I can’t quite figure out what that is exactly!
      When dos JET let you know about placement?
      I can’t quite remember, but I think it was the same as I put for JET: Tokyo, Osaka, and Sendai. What about you?

      1. Haha, right?! I just sit at work staring at my calender watching the days slowly pass by.
        Well, last year placement was released on May 16th though I’ve heard that it’s normally later than that. We’re all betting on sometime between the 16th and 31st. Our deadline for insurance is June 10th and we have to have our JET number for that, but we don’t get it until placement so it has to be before that lol.
        I asked for Aichi, Gifu, and Shiga.

      2. Wow, May 16 is really early I feel! I’m putting off doing the FBI background check until placements are released, but if I get a placement I really like then I may be screwed since those checks take FOREVER.
        Wow you’re so knowledgeable about the whole process! Haha and here I am kind of fumbling through everything lol….

      3. Well, I was told that the check turnaround is like 16 weeks so I jumped on that right away. I would just do it now to save the stress that might come later. When is interac sending you over? I leave August 1st.
        Lol I’ve been reading every single blog and post possible xD I’m really keen for knowledge so I tried to find anything and everything haha.

      4. Yeah, my SO did it in November and it took the full 16 weeks :/ Interac is starting to bug me because you don’t really find out anything from them until June/July, and they change their orientation dates every year so I could be coming anywhere from August-September 🙁

      5. From what ITIL forums say, my coordinator will eventually contact all the Alaskan JET’s to tell us to get State BC until the FBI ones come in, just to get us over. Fingers crossed it won’t come to that!

        Yeah, I’m hating how long this is taking to get everything figured out. I mean, I get it takes time, but I wanna get over there so bad!!! Lol

      6. I think it’s dumb that they require FBI background checks since you can literally get the state ones online in a few seconds! I guess it’s being thorough, but everything on the FBI check should show up on the state check, right? (Has no knowledge of criminology/the justice system.)

      7. I think its to cover the all the states, not just the one you live in. So, for instance I lived in Oregon and Colorado for school so if I did anything (I didn’t lol) it would show up on the FBI check whereas it wouldn’t show up on the state check. Hopefully it all works out though!

      8. Yeah, I’m really not sure since my SO was unsure if he had a criminal record (he’s from New Mexico) so Interac told him to get one in Virginia (which is where we live now) so it wouldn’t show up… but then they called back later to say that wouldn’t work lol

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