JET Placement Details

JET Placement

JET has been on point this year. I don’t know why people like to rag on JET in particular about long wait times, etc. when they’ve been great so far! People online like to talk about how fast the Interac turnaround is, but that’s about it… the rest of the experience has been pretty mediocre so far. Sure, you find out if you’ve been accepted to interview/hired faster, but there’s just as long as a wait (well, depending on what time of the year you apply). At least JET has already processed my COE, etc. instead of Interac, who just sent it out! Get it together, Interac…

Anyway, super short post but I just wanted to note that I got my JET placement email today! I will be placed in…. Fukuoka-ken! I didn’t get a city (yet), which means that I will: (a) most likely be a prefectural JET, and (b) I won’t be placed in Fukuoka City. (Neither of those are a make or break for me.) I am bummed that I wont be on Honshu though! Here I thought that the would place me in Akita and that would be the worst, but nope I guess being on a completely different island is a bit worse. At least I’ll have Fukuoka airport nearby if I want to fly to Tokyo lol.

Now to wait for Interac’s placement for me and my SO. If we’re not placed together, I’ll probably end of deferring with Interac and taking JET’s offer instead. Yay, time for more waiting…

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  1. Ahh congrats! I’ve heard really great things about Fukuoka prefecture in general – mostly that there is some BOMB food. Definitely will be trying to make my way down there for a weekend at some point 🙂

      1. Group B as well out of Anchorage, AK! Though I think we’re merging with the folks from Honolulu, Portland or San Fran because there’s not straight shoot to Japan from Anchorage

      2. That would be cool! I don’t think we’ll know until we get our detailed itineraries. But I know we have to stop somewhere along the way haha. Anything from Interac yet?

      3. Haha, well you have placement now and that’s all that matters!! 😛 Interac sent a mail saying that they wouldn’t get back to us until June… When in June, no one knows lol

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