Interac’s Followup Call

After Interac reviews your application, they’ll call you… Well, if they want to proceed with you as a candidate, they will… But fret not! Unless you majorly messed up you should be good… So, onto the next stage of Interac’s never ending multi-step hiring process!

This will probably be one of the simplest step out there! The only thing tricky about this is making sure not to miss the call. But even if you do miss it, they’ll leave you a nice message and you can get in contact with them so they can try to call you again!

Some people mistake this for the phone interview. It’s not! They’re just calling to confirm the things on your application. They’ll cover the basics (school/major, if you have your license, etc) to ensure that you filled out the form correctly. Then you’ll be able to schedule your phone interview! šŸ˜® (No, it’s not scary… Relax!) You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions or clarify anything that may have been misleading on your interview (or anything that you want to change). It’s very casual and takes less than 10 minutes.

I applied on a Sunday (1/18) and didn’t hear anything until Monday (1/26) of the next week. That’s 8 days! You best believe I was freaking out, thinking that they didn’t accept my application… But apparently they take this long during this time because this is when JET notices come out, and the people who didn’t get interviews start applying to Interac and other similar programs. Don’t lose hope! Good luck!

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