Got My Mind On My Money & Money On My Mind

Let’s give it up for some classic 90s hip-hop… because let me be honest with you, the closer the day of my resignation gets, the more nervous I become. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to quit my job right now if it were a practical option. Unfortunately, I have bills to pay, kitties to feed, and rent that’s due. So, with 91 days until I quit my job (I have a calendar at my desk with a countdown going on) I’m starting to feel the crunch. I have 91 days until I stop getting a (steady) paycheck.

I had alluded to this predicament in my last post, and Amberly from Nihon in Love was sweet enough to remind me that Interac does in fact offer loans. SO, if I can’t get the $5,000+ necessary for Japan before July 7, I do have that as an option. However, I’m trying to save that as a last resort and earn as much money as I can on my own before considering that option! If you’re in a similar spot (or if you just want to make some extra $ to spend on some cool figurines in Akiba), feel free to use this list as an unofficial guide to making a few side bucks. (Disclaimer: these may not work for everyone. I just listed some things that I will use to make a bit of extra money. So please don’t get mad if nothing works for you :()

  1. Check out /r/beermoneyit’s a great subreddit where users post cool sites/promotions they use to make some extra money online. Depending on what you do, you probably won’t earn THAT much with it, but it can add up over time.
  2. mTurkif you’ve been in the make-money-online game for a while and you’ve moved past the surveys with ridiculously high redemption amounts, you’ve probably heard of mTurk. If not, it’s a site where companies/research organizations post tasks that require a “human intelligence” aspect to it (ie, something that a computer can’t do). They’re owned by Amazon, so don’t worry about the registration/payment process and think it’s not legit. I also recommend checking out the subreddit HITsWorthTurkingFor to familiarize yourself with the program and find some good paying hits.
  3. Work out with Pactit’s an iPhone/Andriod app that pays you to work out. You can choose how many days you want to work out and you’ll get paid for every day you work out. You can use GPS to check into a gym or use the motion tracker. You can also up the stakes and add a fruits/veggie pact where you agree to eat x-amount of healthy meals. The only cons here: if you promise to work out/eat healthy and you don’t meet your quota, you get charged $5 for every activity you miss! It also doesn’t make a lot… I work out 6x a week and make, on average, $1.30 a week.
  4. Sell your clothes with Vinted or PoshmarkI prefer using these apps to sell clothes online. I find that, while eBay has a larger audience, there’s so much more stuff out there that you won’t get a lot for your clothes. With the apps, people are willing to pay a bit more for your stuff. (There are other sites/apps out there for the same thing, but those are the ones I use and like the most.)
  5. Sell your clothes with TwiceI separated this from #4 because, while it’s another clothing-sale company, with Twice, you send them everything you want to get rid of and they’ll make you an offer on the lot. Shipping your clothes to them is free, but if you don’t like your offer and want your clothes back, you have to pay a $5 return fee. They are very picky with brands and conditions, though, so unless you have nice clothes and want to get rid of them in bulk, I wouldn’t bother. (They do reject a lot of clothes from me that I think are perfectly fine! But I can’t complain…)
  6. Sell everything else on eBayI don’t think this one really needs an explanation. I sell anything I have laying around on eBay… Most recently, a magazine, body lotion, and a Zippo lighter. Plus, if your item doesn’t sell, you don’t get charged anything, so don’t worry about listing something and losing money for it! Seriously, there’s a buyer out there for almost everything… as long as the price is right.
  7. What you can’t eBay, CraigslistI’m not a huge fan of CL, but it’s good for bigger and more expensive things. Planning on getting rid of your car before you leave? Craigslist. Have a surfboard in your garage? Craigslist.

So, that’s basically what I’ll be doing in my spare time before I leave for Japan. I only included the things you can do online, so obviously “get a part-time job” and “hold a garage sale” don’t make the list. I mean, feel free to do those things, but I don’t have the time/luxury to do any of that. 🙁 Good luck either way! I’ll probably be whining updating you guys on my progress as well!

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