Formerly Hello Nihon, started in 2015.
Rebranded in January of 2018 to share my story.




  1. To be a platform to share experiences from around the world.
  2. To be an inspiration for travelers from all over and to inspire wanderlust.
  3. To provide coherent guides for living and traveling abroad.



Q. What is In Wanderland?
A. In Wanderland is an online magazine cataloguing my experiences living abroad in hopes of providing a guide to traveling and living abroad. The focus is primarily on Japan and Asia.

Q. Who owns In Wanderland?
A. In Wanderland is independently owned by a US expat living and working in Japan.

Q.  How do I contribute to In Wanderland?
A. In Wanderland is always accepting user submissions, but due to various factors, we may not publish your submissions right away or at all. General grammatical edits may be made to submissions (no content will ever be changed) which may slow down the publishing process. After submitting your article, you will receive an email from us only if it has been accepted for use on the website.