A Complete Overhaul

Hello 2018

My dear readers,

Due to various circumstances, I have made the conscious decision to consolidate my JET/Interac and travel blogs into one new blog. Consequently, this means that my former blog, Hello Nihon, will be no more. I am in the process of moving my posts and content over from the other platforms here.

My primary reason for this is organization and future expansion. My previous blogs have been dedicated solely to teaching English abroad and my travels within it, but I am not planning on teaching forever. Rather than start this messy process after I leave the teaching profession, I would like to be proactive in this overhaul.

For the time being, things may be messy as I figure out the new structure. This also means that, for a short while, there will be similar or the exact same posts on multiple platforms until I get around to deleting them. Hopefully, my URLs will redirect as well. I would like to focus on producing quality content, so some blog posts may be deleted or rewritten.

Here’s to a successful 2018!

– Morgan

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