Average Daily Elementary School Timetable Schedule

Coming from a Western country, your school day and the school day you’ll be working should be about the same. Though the specific hours may vary, you can expect to arrive in the morning and leave in the late afternoon. My current schedule is 8:15~4:25 but I’ve previously worked 8:00~4:00 and 8:10~4:15. (Are you seeing a general pattern?)

Within those hours, I generally have between 2 to 4 classes a day. Sometimes I have zero, and sometimes I have five. It all depends on your scheduler, your teachers, your school, and the grades you are responsible for teaching. Unfortunately, the uncertainty can be frustrating at times, but there’s really nothing you can do about it. However, I’ve included a glimpse of the average elementary school day through the schedule provided by the school.

8:20 (chime): Homeroom starts
8:35: Homeroom ends / class announcements start
8:40 (chime): Announcements end / Period 1 begins
9:25: Period 1 ends
9:30: Period 2 begins
10:15 (chime): Period 2 ends / recess begins
10:30 (chime): Recess ends
10:35: Period 3 begins
11:20: Period 3 ends
11:25: Period 4 begins
12:10 (chime): Period 4 ends / lunch begins
12:55 (chime): Lunch ends / cleaning begins
1:10 (chime): Cleaning ends / lunch recess begins
1:30 (chime): Lunch recess ends
1:35: Period 5 begins
2:20: Period 5 ends
2:25: Period 6 begins
3:10 (chime): Period 6 ends / homeroom begins
3:15: Homeroom ends / school is finished / clubs and meetings begin
3:35 (chime): Clubs and meetings are finished
This is my average schedule. However, this does not mean that I follow this schedule every day. For example, on Mondays, there is a school-wide meeting in the morning, rather than an individual homeroom. Also on Mondays, the first graders finish school after fifth period.
Again, your school may have a slightly different schedule. However, it is a general rule that elementary school classes last for 45 minutes no matter where you’re teaching. Notice that the bell (chime) doesn’t ring after every period. It’s up to you to manage your time wisely and make sure you don’t go over! There aren’t always warnings!

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