And You Thought They Were Done…

After slaying the beast that was the JET application, I thought the bulk of the information-gathering was done. But then I realized this was the Japanese government I was talking about… For a job in a country that thrives on bureaucracy. The paperwork was only getting started.

In the same email as the shortlist notification, attached was a 20+ page document with more information about the position as well as instructions on how to complete and send the additional documents they require. The first set of documents are due April 20, which includes the reply form, a photocopy of your passport (I swear I gave them multiple copies of this already???), a photocopy of IRS form 8802, and a photocopy of the FBI background check application form.

Taxes have always befuddled me. 2014 was my first year filing taxes alone (yay big girl job) and apparently I’ve done something wrong because I still haven’t gotten my refund back, despite filing early January! (They said they need to “verify” some stuff and they’re not sure how long it’ll be until I get my refund… But most likely I won’t see anything until after August…) And I was going to use my refund money responsibly, to fund my move to Japan. 🙁

Anyway, the 8802 form is basically a form that you file before coming to Japan which exempts you from some Japanese income taxes, based on the US-Japan Tax Treaty. They advise you to file for the 2 year maximum (even if you’re only planning on staying a year) because it costs $85 to file, so it’s better to do the max amount rather than have to pay AGAIN if you decide to stay. I wonder if you have to do this for Interac, or if you’re classified as a different type of employee? I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find anything…

You should be familiar with the FBI background check. You should file as soon as possible because it takes 16 weeks, on average, to come. However, my SO filed for this in mid-November, before the JET application was due, and it didn’t get mailed out until March 18, 2015. (I have a lot to say about the JET criminal background check, but that’s another post for another day…) That’s 4 months and a few days… Which means that I probably won’t get it before the due date of June 10. *shrug* I’m not sure what they’re going to do about that…

For the most part, I’ve completed everything (though I haven’t sent in the background check or IRS form yet), and I’m about ready to send my documents in and relax for a bit.

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